A Good Day for Beans

Today is Thunder over Louisville (or elsewhere, Saturday, April 21st).  This event kicks off the Kentucky Derby festival – the air show is spectacular, couldn’t care less about the fireworks although I appreciate what it takes to put on the biggest pyrotechnics exhibition in the country.  When the weather’s good, which it’s not this year (overcast & cold), the crowds are immense and no matter how you plan it, it will take 3 hours for you to get home to your house less than a mile away.  Louisville has considered  installing a light rail system for decades (along with other forward-thinking municipal projects) but so far no progress.  We did get the new arena built which is pretty impressive, I’ve heard; looks good from the outside.  Although I don’t have a problem navigating the downtown area with its labyrinth of one-way streets and roadways that end abruptly for an expressway ramp or random building, there’s just no way to get out in a reasonable amount of time when there’s a major event.  I speak from experience and now enjoy most of these functions from home – the TV stations do a fabulous job. Apparently this year there are shuttle buses to get one in and out.  Stunning weather the early part of the week – made it a point to walk  on lunch break a couple of times with my partner in crime.  Our facility is close to Cave Hill Cemetary  – we head there where we get a brisk couple of miles in while appreciating the beauty and  spirituality of the grounds;  free therapy with health benefits!

Last Sunday we had veg lasagne with a simple salad of baby greens & spinach and a nice dense artisan bread.  Tomorrow will probably be salmon & vegetables in the clay pot with wild rice and slaw – not quite ready for grill time.  So…good to use up the ham bone (still have 2 more in the freezer – I don’t care much for ham but the menfolk do so I oblige on the holidays) and I love anything on cornbread + cheese.  I usually make a killer pea soup  but this time I wanted squishy great northerns.  Also added some frozen mixed beans – Aldi had some lovely mixed bagged beans – bought a couple of pounds and as I was loading my overly packed bags into the car one of the straps broke and the bag fell to the ground.  Also inside the bag was a jar of pickles that of course, broke; the juice leaked into the beans;  damned if I would throw them away as I’m tighter than bark on a tree.  Soaked them all and ended up with 3 large bags o’beans.  The attached bean recipe was modified for the crocker..used dried beans + frozen beans + hambone, no cumin or tomato paste.  Wow. Fireworks audio choreography leaving me speechless.

Such an interesting melange of music.  Fireworks photo at top was sent to my phone by daughter watching from The Quonset Hut on Phoenix Hill w/family & friends.  Son playing music gig in the Starks Building downtown sent this one…   I took the cemetery shot from my phone while on the aforementioned walk – can’t believe it came out as I didn’t have my glasses on and I totally can’t see squat w/o them.

Vegetable Lasagne

Freezing Pre-soaked Beans

Herbed White Bean and Sausage Stew


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