The June of Roofs

A couple of months ago our little neighborhood suffered a hailstorm – it cut a peculiar swath through town, the beginnings of which were reminiscent of the tornado super outbreak of ’74.  I mentioned this in previous posts, I’m ever so thankful for the insurance I’ve paid for all of these years;  our blocks have been abuzz with roofers and other contractors, homeowners outside watching and talking with their neighbors  – an oddly festive atmosphere.  Most of us have chosen the architectural shingles – we’re beginning to look like an English village.  Last weekend the family celebrated Father’s Day and our two childrens’ birthdays.  I wasn’t sure what the weather would bring so planned on cooking indoors.  Sure enough we had a downpour but were able to enjoy porch time, presents and a nice dinner.  As usual I was trying to cram too much into my Saturday so tossed one of my favorite crockpot recipes together – the recipe began as Turkey and Butternut Squash Ragout with Beans but has become Chicken Thigh and Sweet Potato Ragout with Beans – try and find turkey thighs this time of year.  Not a fan anyway – too much stringy meat.  The best part of this meal is the side of polenta.

Cheesy Polenta

Turkey and Butternut Squash Ragout

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