I won’t discuss the provenance of that but one of my favorite worker-bees drew that on the department white board and it is so him to think like that.

Seems apropos at this writing – not surprised to see that my last post was in February. March 12th we left for an Asheville getaway, my brother’s home in the town of Etowah close by; we usually go there over St. Patrick’s Day as the weather is decent and we need a change of venue by that time. I was helping my SIL Barb with some celebratory foods to serve at her salon for it’s 5th year anniversary.

We watched and listened to news of the virus, not paying particularly close attention until we went for a grocery run to the small local store and found the shelves half empty. Ironically I was looking for specialty flours as they are hard to source in Louisville. I actually found some but all the plain old white flour was wiped out along with the yeast! I have a hoard I’ve had from Costco that will last me till the end of time.

In short order the news became frightening but it was time to return home – I irrationally thought I needed to make it to Kentucky before making a pit stop as Tennessee was quickly ramping up their covid cases. That was, in retrospect, stupid as the first place we stopped (by that time I couldn’t wait much longer) was very busy with lots of folks closely mingling, laughing, etc. Obviously we survived but we were armed and ready for our next trip back to Etowah.

I always pack a nice picnic lunch (I rarely eat out much to the chagrin of my husband) so we just needed a safe place to pee. The Tennessee welcome center is spacious and always clean; fairly good mask compliance.

I’ve not been on FB much in the past but the witty postings of others is worth some trolling time – I’m happy to share much smack about the anti-maskers and all the glorious negative Trump memes, etc.

Here carby carb carb…

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