hosting – the blog

very boring subject but since I’ve just wasted 4 hours of my life trying to understand the nuances, i’ll just take a minute to whine.  back in the day i started this blog with a free WP site; i stopped posting due to lack of mental content, time whatever.  in the ensuing years i’ve had a jillion more experiences, physically and mentally and realized that writing was a therapeutic tool i had used many times in the past. give me a yellow legal pad, a beer(s) and a bad day and off i go.  sometimes i could crank out page after page but the end game was a bunch of vitriol and other scrawled gibberish that i would ball up and toss.  this process did, however, sometimes give the issue perspective and me the ability to move forward, if only for a baby step.

these rants were directed at my father (i left out the nasty adjectives), bad bosses, situations with life and kids and husbands that sometimes almost paralyzed me.

these days i have become very relative (having seen quite a bit of the shit storm of life but also so much of the goodness) so i tend to see the different sides (except for the trump supporters because i know what they’re about).  i was blessed with the gift or curse of keen observation.  on one hand i do have mom eyes in the back of my head but on the flip side i see things that really gross me out.

nobody’s going to read this anyway but i still make sure there are no typos in my text.  hence, the decision to stay put with  earlier i discontinued the relationship and requested a refund as i thought i was going to switch to  the .com site offers free hosting, i like my simple design and interface and if somebody contacts me and says they want to pay me a bunch of money to land their ad on my page i might consider a switch.  but, as i’ve stated in previous posts, i personally hate all the crap bouncing around the page and how it loses my place as it shifts as videos of people stirring stuff in bowls try to load.  i hooked up for a little minute with Bluehost but it got so screwy trying to transfer my trivial stuff that i cancelled that as well.  thank goodness for live chat, i’ll never see these poor people.  i would hate that job (help desk) although, in reality, i probably lived it between my career in healthcare and my private life lol.

I’d love to share some lifestyle tips – shortcuts, diy stuff (we’re a family of makers) and my massive recipe file but since i don’t want to pay separately for hosting, you’ll just have to ask me a question.