My flea brain is in such a manic state these days; the juxtaposition of the beautiful sights of Spring, the uplifting and humorous stuff all over the interwebs vs the nonstop barrage of negative media, virus and weather updates. I also feel guilty for having a nice little comfy safe house, lots of food and at present, some financial stability (not for long unless the market rallies) and, notwithstanding reasonably good health.

If I remember to meditate, I can clear the cobwebs for a bit and if the weather isn’t too crappy, a walk helps.

Audubon Park

I’m lucky I like to cook but that’s becoming a dangerous pastime according to my scale. This past Easter Sunday with the family was courtesy of Zoom; I happily cooked the meal and did curbside delivery;

some of my wonderful children via Zoom

I just finished watching our wonderful new Governor Andy Beshear deliver his daily 5PM status report of covid-19 in the state of Kentucky. He has done a wonderful job being proactive rather than waiting (like the great orange one) and being reactive and has done much to make our endeavors to stay at home, not mass gather, observe social distancing and up the hand washing game have great value as is shown by our statistics. This state is at the bottom of the heap health-wise; we have some of the highest rates of cancer, heart disease and diabetes in the country but as of this writing we are leading the pack in low numbers of virus cases and deaths due to his quick decisions and mandates. During the broadcast the Lt.-Gov was making an announcement from home; I could hear some muffled noise in the background, I thought it might be her kids playing a video game in the next room but it became louder and more repetitious and logic told me she wouldn’t have allowed that to happen. I switched to a watch party to continue listening and also to see the comments and find out what was going on. It was a loud, obnoxious group of protesters demanding the Governor open up the state to business and then quickly segued to right to life issues which shouldn’t be on any table, docket, legislative referendum or discussion whatsoever IMHO.

The Honorable Andy Beshear and Virginia

Many folks remarked if they wanted to work there was a great need in the essential worker sector i.e. grocery, fulfillment centers, food shoppers, & healthcare. They are much kinder than I as my thoughts were much more vulgar; I do have the sense to keep them to myself, especially on social media., although I do share a lot of posts that state my political views only much better than I ever could.

Some humans (metaphorically speaking) are so selfish, they care nothing for anyone other than themselves; they continue to gather in groups and ignorantly state this pandemic is ‘blown out of proportion’; I fear the militant extremist a-holes particularly in the deep south and northwest US who are all about their rights – to be what? to do what? These are not the folks who are racially or ethnically downtrodden who do have legitimate beefs with those who are too stupid to realize that none of us Americans are pure whatever they think they are but are all descended from some other blend of people who never owned this land anyway!

*sigh* I donate to the Team Kentucky and our local One Louisville funds, think I’ll go make some more bread.