Bread etc.

So many things flit about in my flea brain; few, if any, worthy of discussion. I get busying around, more like nit picking to the casual observer and next thing you know another day shot to hell lol well, not totally. The place sure is clean. I’m enjoying my recent foray into bread making; I apparently have a viable sourdough starter but being me, can’t bear to throw away the discard so many wonderful carby fermented products are being created, along with the size of my waist.

Fabulous sourdough cornbread, focaccia, artisan no-knead loaves and herby samich breads. So many recipes and opinions on the interweb. I do rely heavily on King Arthur Flour and the folks that have kindly shared Tartine recipes. I downloaded a lovely e-book , Artisan Sourdough Made Simple by Emilie Raffa. Every recipe seems like a new craft project.

Mr. Einstein stated “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” so that suggests that I’m not insane as I want the same results when I perform my little rituals over and over (when I think no-one’s looking); they calm me and allow me to go forth and do well.

Conversely, the bigger more productive part of my life can’t abide repetition. I used to do a lot of craft work; people would tell me I should sell some of my wares but the thought of reproducing them was awful. The last assembly-line project I completed was creating 25 centerpieces for my son’s wedding reception – a labor of love that won’t be repeated. Almost killed me. Luckily my later-in-life career change to the health care industry found me in a place where I could experience something new every hour.

As long as I don’t tire of the recipe acquisition from print or online to my personal digital file I’ll continue to enjoy cooking but for now, I’m lovin’ the breads!

I ordered some bags of flour from Target this week so I could get my order up to the minimum amount for free delivery (not everything ships free with the RedCard); when my husband brought the large, heavy box in I noticed a trail of white following him – one of the bags of flour had burst, covering the whole order and a fair amount of my dining room floor in flour. What an effing mess.