blue city in a red state

Is it a function of old age to become much more interested in the politics of the day and a lot more vocal than good manners would allow? Do assume that my vocalizations contain obscenities. This is not good for one’s health hence this blog. Years ago I would journal my thoughts – it seemed to help put things in somewhat of a perspective and allow me to ruminate less. This format looks so much better than my scribbles plus there’s spell-check!

All of the feeds I receive via email are, of course, slanted my way; I love The Washington Post, the New Yorker and The Atlantic but am too cheap to pay for subscriptions; I do donate to NPR. I start my day with an awful lot of bad news although there’s often a Bored Panda article to even out the mood. Today’s news was so disappointing – don’t know what I was expecting after witnessing yesterday’s debacle. How could there not have been uber-security? Who didn’t think this would happen? These delusioned assholes were just waiting for the perfect bar fight and so they came. Why weren’t there more arrests? Don’t tell me it’s going to be difficult to find the ugly perps with all the selfies and media – c’mon Homeland Security – you’d have a drone over my house in a New York minute.

This AM I was listening to NPR while running an errand; the show was discussing the Kentucky Legislature currently in session passing all their tight-assed Republican bills in jig time; didn’t know they could think that quickly! Most seemed focused on removing our Governor’s ability to make executive decisions in emergency situations i.e. the pandemic. They recommend allowing restaurants, churches, schools etc. to follow CDC guidelines rather than the more stringent but rational requirements set out by the Gov. The CDC was a venerable organization until Trump came to town. It has consistently sent mixed messages while trying to get a handle on what the appropriate protocols to staunch the flow of new cases; hopefully our new administration will restore it to it’s former status. Our Governor has been the voice of reason throughout this awful year; he only wishes to keep us alive so that we are here to bolster our economy. He also does not want our health care system to collapse under the physical and psychological weight of too many covid cases resulting from super-spreader events and anti-maskers.

And of course at the top of the list, abortion. Nobody’s fucking business. End of story.

I live in Kentucky by default. Nice place to be from, lots of greenery. Not quite the deep south but too close for comfort. I’m too old to return to the NE (the place of my roots and ideals) and would never want to be away from my family so unless I win the lottery, here I’ll stay and not keep my mouth shut. Louisville itself has a more realistic mental climate than the rest of this hick-ridden state so I’m lucky I landed here.

I totally support my Governor, Andy Beshear; he’s a wonderful, educated, caring man with his constituents’ welfare foremost in his mind. I pray he can continue in his position, he’s the best we’ve had since his father was in office. Bevin was a fool – good riddance to bad rubbish.

All my other feeds and emails are food related. A welcome dichotomy.