April Fools Day?

Roundup: April Fool’s Day jokes from around the Web.  I always enjoy what Google dishes up.  I’m not a fan of practical jokes (maybe because I’m so gullible?) and so far, no pranks.  Kids are on the way for our Sunday dinner ritual.  I’m glad to be able to continue this tradition each week.  Recently our son returned to us from Arizona, having spent the last 6 years there learning the art of luthiery and restructuring his goals.  In the short time he has been back he’s seen many doors open and friendships rekindled.  I’ll be plugging his talents later.  Our daughter and son-in-law are successful Realtors who seem to have  weathered the recession.  They are the proud parents of our wonderful granddaughter.  Easter next weekend, the foliage is beautiful.

Impossible Salmon or Tuna Pie

Pickled Cucumbers


Jello Jigglers